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Are you misunderstanding the true cost of strong authentication? Many organizations rarely look closely at the total cost of operation of their authentication solution and instead make a Thank you for your interest in our products. Please fill out and submit the form to receive more information about Gemalto or to be contacted by a Gemalto specialist. By submitting this form I agree to receive information from Gemalto and its affiliates as described in our Privacy statement.

View more Gemalto solutions. Toggle navigation. OTP Authentication. SafeNet OTP authenticators are available in both time- and event-based versions, never expire, and require no battery replacements.

They also comply with OATH standards and are ideal for remote access solutions. View Product Details. See how simple it is to secure cloud apps with SSO Easily go from global to granular access policies. Take the next step!

RSA SecureID Token / Key Fob :Two-Factor Authentication : Eye-On-Stuff

Register for the Demo Today. Get this resource. Back to Top Contact Us Thank you for your interest in our products. Helena St. Martin St. Pierre and Miquelon St. Ask the system administrator for help. Campaign ID hidden : Example: r. The following field values should be altered by the system administrator only.

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Cookie Keyword hidden text field for keeping extra info :. Cookie Tag hidden text field for keeping extra info :.As a security precaution, GitHub automatically removes personal access tokens that haven't been used in a year. Verify your email addressif it hasn't been verified yet. In the upper-right corner of any page, click your profile photo, then click Settings. In the left sidebar, click Developer settings.

In the left sidebar, click Personal access tokens. Click Generate new token. Give your token a descriptive name. Select the scopes, or permissions, you'd like to grant this token.

To use your token to access repositories from the command line, select repo. Click Generate token. Click to copy the token to your clipboard. For security reasons, after you navigate off the page, you will not be able to see the token again.

how to generate access bank hardware token

Warning: Treat your tokens like passwords and keep them secret. When working with the API, use tokens as environment variables instead of hardcoding them into your programs. If you are not prompted for your username and password, your credentials may be cached on your computer. You can update your credentials in the Keychain to replace your old password with the token. GitHub Help. Getting started with GitHub. Setting up and managing your GitHub user account.

Setting up and managing your GitHub profile. Authenticating to GitHub. Managing subscriptions and notifications on GitHub. Receiving notifications about activity on GitHub. Setting up and managing organizations and teams. Setting up and managing your enterprise account. Setting up and managing billing and payments on GitHub.

Writing on GitHub. Creating, cloning, and archiving repositories.

Creating a personal access token for the command line

Using Git. Committing changes to your project. Collaborating with issues and pull requests.

how to generate access bank hardware token

Managing your work on GitHub. Building a strong community. Searching for information on GitHub. Importing your projects to GitHub. Administering a repository.It is used for generating One Time Passwords to sign banking orders. Please find more information about the usage of the new Hardware Token in the detailed manual here.

You can ask for Hardware Token in any of our branches or via our [Telephone Banking] service after proper [Telephone Banking] identification — please read more about it here. You may find more information about the terms and conditions of Hardware Token in our General terms and conditions and in the Electronic Banking List of Conditions. Only one Hardware Token can be activated to one user ID. As a consequence, if a user activates a new Hardware Token, the old one automatically becomes deactivated and cannot be used for login or authorization of transactions.

After successful activation, the [UniCredit eBanking] system accepts the One Time Password — consisting of 6 numbers — generated by the Token, in order to authorise banking orders. To generate One Time Password, the user needs to login to the Token with a PIN, then generate a token code of 6 numbers which is valid only for 30 seconds.

Any time the user initiates a banking order, [UniCredit eBanking] informs the user about which one is needed. You can find a detailed manual about the new Hardware Token here.

We would like to recommend you to change from Hardware Token to mToken. It is easy to generate One Time Password for login and payment transactions in the eBanking. How can you get a Hardware Token? Data of the transaction need to be entered in the token beneficiary IBAN and amount of transaction before it would generate a One Time Password — consisting of 6 numbers — to sign the order.

After this, the process is the same as with the old Hardware Token.Zenith bank token is one of the safest way to protect your account from hackers or thieves or even people around you.

No one will have access to your account except the use the token hardware. GTBank will give you the op to change your email address through their internet banking or mobile app using your pin number, but that is not the case with zenith bank.

To change your email address and phone number, you have to use the token hardware. Before using the hardware device, you will first activate and create pin for zenith bank token.

Follow the steps below to do that. Click login to internet banking, and choose how you will like to login by selecting either pin and token code or password. Will advise you to select password. Afterwards kindly login with your account number and internet banking password. Create a new password following this format- kindly begin with a capital letter, followed by lower case characters, at least 1 number and a special symbol.

Note that the password should be within a range of 8 to 11 characters. Enter a unique four digit, e. You have to confirm the unique number sent to you by pressing the token device given to you.

Finally click submit to activate the token. Go to Zenith bank token activation page and type in your zenith bank account number and click on submit. Without wasting time you will receive an otp pin number on your phone or email address registered with the bank.

Kindly key in the otp number sent to you, and enter your hardware serial number which is a 10 digit code written on the back of the token. The last is to type in your preferred four digit pin. Click on the submit button and you will receive a successful message on your screen. If during account creation that you choose to use pin number instead of token for confirmation, you can change that option. On your internet banking page or mobile banking home page, click on the left op menu, and you will see settings.

You will see an that is written to switch token and pin, from there you can switch to use the token instead of pin. To create a pin for zenith bank token, during money transfer or any other, on the last stage which is to type in either the token or pin number, turn on the token and click on the button to generate a pin. The pin lasts for just one minute, quickly key in the pin you generated and click on confirmation. On Internet and mobile banking without the token, the highest you can transfer is N1, daily.

You can use it to change your registered phone number and email address both on the internet and mobile banking platform. So this is how to create pin for zenith bank token, and have your account properly secured.

Mind you it costs N and you can buy it from the bank only.Customer can visit the branch to get the physical token or download the soft token from their respective phone stores. To access the FirstToken Mobile App, you need to do the following. More Information FAQs. More Information. Features The app once downloaded and activated can work offline The app mandate customer to input a 4 digit pin before a transaction code is generated The codes generated have a display period of 30secs.

Visit any of our branches, fill the token activation form and the activation code and serial no will be made available to you. This code is the registration code that you will give back to the Customer service officer in the branch. This will be used to activate the FirstToken App on your mobile device. Please note that the registration code generated will only be shown once i. Yes, the FirstToken Mobile app is very secure.

how to generate access bank hardware token

This App is secured because after inputting the serial no and activation code, you will be prompted to register a 4 digit PIN that will always be used to access the application on your mobile device.

It is important that you keep the PIN confidential and do not share with anyone else. You cannot use both token types. You will need to deactivate the hardware token if you are interested in using the soft token app. Do a mail to Firstcontact Firstcontact firstbanknigeria.

4 Ways to Get Safetoken OTP

In your mail, the following information will be required: your user id, your challenge code this is a code generated by the App when a wrong pin has been inputted up to 4 times 7 Who do I contact for support? For support on token related issues, send an email to our contact center FirstContact on and 8 What is the limit of funds that can be transferred using the Token? The daily limit set on the internet banking platform applies here. The token device is used to validate all types of funds transfer and bills payment 10 How long is the FirstToken device valid for?

As long as you have the App on your mobile device. Yes, the token works anywhere in the world 12 Can the FirstToken be linked to all my different accounts wi th the bank? Yes, one token can be linked to all operative accounts in the bank 13 How long does it take to get the FirstToken activated?

how to generate access bank hardware token

The activation of the FirstToken can be processed within 10 minutes at any First bank branch. Each token is tied to your account only and cannot work on another account because the code is constantly changing and is unique to your token, no-one but you will have the code needed to access your accounts.

You may also like…. This website uses cookies. We use cookies to offer you the most relevant information and best experience on our website.

By continuing to browse this site, you give consent for cookies to be used. For more details, please read our Privacy and Cookie Policies. Find out more Accept Cookies. I already like firstbanknigeria.Internet banking otherwise known as online banking is a convenient electronic payment system that allows customers of a bank to make various financial transactions either on a website or a mobile app operated by the bank.

Customers of Access Bank Plc do not need not walk to the bank to perform some financial transactions anymore as the bank has provided an access bank internet banking online platform for conducting some transactions at the comfort of your home or office.

For New users of Access Bank online banking platform, do follow the steps below to register and use the online banking system. You would need to fill in your account number in the text box provided in order for the bank to verify that you are a customer.

An authentication Mail and SMS containing an activation code would be sent to your email and phone number you provided when you opened your account with access bank. Once the activation code has been entered and verified to be correct, a new screen would open where you would choose your preferred internet banking ID, Password and a secure Image.

If the image displayed is what you uploaded during registration, go ahead and type in your password. However, if a different image is displayed or non is displayed at all, please do not type in your password as this is a way of preventing fraudulent online platforms from getting customers username and password.

Immediately after a successful registration, you are ready to log on to Access bank Online banking platform.

About the Zenith eToken App

This has a higher security when conducting any transactions online. To obtain your token, kindly walk into any Access Bank branch and make a request. It may attract a little fee. Good morning,I mistakenly my recharged my Mtn linewith the sum of 15,I called My and was told to provide the reference number from my bank,unfortunately I had deleted my transaction notification.

Legal action would be taken against you. IUC Number Titilayo, You should have just retrieved the sim. Now you would have to go to the bank to change your phone number attached to your bank account. I work in badagry my salary domicile at access bank but to draw money is always an issue today i have gone to sevsral ATM points but cant draw money i was debited four times but it was reverse but one is yet to be reverse your banking system is not moving with all Lagos state government workers in badagry uses this bank and unless one get to abaraa or okoko before one can solve issues please look in to this.

I got registered for internet banking. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Share Want to make a transfer but was asked to enter hard ware token pls wat is hardware token. I forget my Mobile banking usernames and password. I forgot my username and password. What do I do?

I have a new sim.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Recently, my bank sent me this tiny device that generates a unique code that must be used when performing online transactions, all the device does is generate this unique code when I press a particular white button and it doesn't look like it connects to a remote server or anything of such.

I did some research and ended up in cryptography with something called the Hash function but I still don't get it. This has very little to do with hash functions. A cryptographic hash function may be part of the implementation, but it's not required.

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Actually, it generates the digits on a time-based interval, if I press the button for it to generate the digits, it generates the digits and after about 25 seconds, and I press it again, the digits change not when I press it again immediately after I'd just pressed it.

There's your hint. It's a time based pseudo-random or cryptographic algorithm. Based on the time, there is a code. The dongle and the server know — or rather, can compute — the code for every window. This is a shared secret - the dongle does not connect to a remote server. The server will probably allow one or two of the most recent secret keys, to prevent the situation where you enter a key that has just expired while the transmission was en route. Although my recent experience with Amazon Web Service multi-factor authentication has definitely resulted in login failures within 5 seconds of a code being displayed to me.

In other words, some vendors are very strict with their timing windows. As always, it's a trade-off between security and usability. I chose this article because it has a reasonable, physical description; the higher-level articles focus on the theoretical over the physical implementation.

The article also confirms that you need to keep the secrecy of the token, or someone else can impersonate your logins by knowing what the codes are as easily as you do. The token hardware is designed to be tamper-resistant to deter reverse engineering.

When software implementations of the same algorithm "software tokens" appeared on the market, public code has been developed by the security community allowing a user to emulate RSA SecurID in software, but only if they have access to a current RSA SecurID code, and the original bit RSA SecurID seed file introduced to the server.

However, since the verifying server has to have foreknowledge of the tokensthe two-factor secrets are vulnerable to attacks on the source as well.

SecurID was the victim of a high-profile theft that targeted their own servers and eventually led to secondary incursions on their clients' servers as well. Finally, there is more information available on the security.